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Our City Introduction

our city is a media company founded by Antone White for all people. The role is to be a voice of truth and integrity; we cannot be bought; our truth has no price tag. False facts and fake news have become ever increasingly acceptable and overlooked, OurCity stands against injustice; we raise awareness create/encourage dialogues that can lead to viable solutions for Our Community and communities to come nationwide.


Our Purpose

OurCity is a media company dedicated to being an integral voice for all people in order to bring the news that matters to OurCity. We aim to elevate the culture of OurCity by providing accurate news and information that brings awareness to the rich history, talents, and ills of our community. Our Responsibility is to be a trusted banner of news and information; protecting facts, recording accurate history, and promoting equity for generations now and generations to come.


We aim to build a collective analysis through media, events and merchandise. We host community events and create spaces for meaningful dialogue on issues that matter in our communities. We partner with several community-based organizations and assist in providing direction to disadvantaged communities bringing the analysis of the most oppressed to the forefront of our platform.


Our Mission

OurCity Core value and mission is to provide Intel/data, and speak to the demographic abode. Our mission is to appraise the city of its health and attraction as well as dispense on Our City to its illnesses, concerns and problems. Thereby, position us to coordinate a “think-session” to mete out remedies and solutions to heal and convalesce Our City’s illnesses etc.


Our Guiding Credo

OurCity – Illuminates historical and landmark attractions as well as provides awareness of infrastructure and businesses.

Our People – Illuminates the people of the city

Our Problem – Emphasizes the problems of the city, such as education, re-entry, youth reform, domestic abuse, homeless, recidivism, unemployment, etc


Our Solution 

Encourages dialogues of all kinds and accepts all voices in order to bring about viable solutions as well as works with community-based organizations to remedy these solutions.


Our Responsibility – To hold to truth and integrity with no price tag.

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